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Monpos Vision

Become an audio company in China high quality

Our corporate culture

Integrity, pragmatism, focus, innovation, sharing

Product patents and certification

Independent research and development, through SGS, KC, CE, CCC, etc.

Our position

Vibrant audio brand enterprise

Company product concept

360 degrees 5C (carved) finely crafted




Shenzhen Monpos Audio Co.,Ltd is the professional audio equipment designer and manufacturer. In the 20 years of working in the audio industry, we are stick to the conception of people-oriented and quality first, and we dedicate to create the world-class well known brand. Monpos believes speaker is the magician. It is able to interpret every listeners feeling, with passionate, or Gentle, or Calm, or Wide, it always gives the perfect interpretation. The perfection of Monpos speaker is from both fashionable industry design and continuous upgrade of smart system. The integration of western elements makes Monpos speaker very popular overseas....


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